Adapted Bible Studies for Special Needs

Join the team!  Have you developed your own adapted or illustrated studies? Created "e-ssentials style" First Principles or other studies?  Improved any of the ones on this site?  We want to see them.

We hope for this site to develop into a great forum of resources to help those with special needs become disciples. 

Please send...

Adapted StudiesHopefully the ones provided so far give you ideas of creative ways to teach key biblical truths and concepts.  We encourage you to use these, modify them, and make your own, then share.  Our collection is far from exhaustive.  Desired formats include Power Point, Word, Excel (please include formats in Office 2003 to allow wider access).  Other formats and languages are welcome!

VideosShort clips that illustrate key foundational concepts. Less than 10 mb please.  We cannot yet post any bigger than that.

ArticlesFind or write about anything relevant to our purpose.  These can be letters that you write, copies or links to professional/ community resources, success stories,  technical advice on considering various special needs, Bible studies for the helping disciples, inspirational poems, or testimonials of those who have benefited from these studies.

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Considerations:  Please note that submissions are subject to editor approval.  They may be posted or altered at webmaster's discretion.